SJ1 SPICE JAR SET SJ1 魔法吸盤調味罐一套 (2PCS)

SJ1 SPICE JAR SET SJ1 魔法吸盤調味罐一套 (2PCS)

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  • Function: This Add-On Spice Jar puts favorite spices in arm’s reach. Clear glass allows viewing of what’s inside at a glance. Snug-tight lid fits neatly over any of our Signature Series Multi-Purpose Suction Cup Racks. Easy to add or remove. Contains 2 piece per set.
  • 功能:SJ1 魔法吸盤調味罐, 透明玻璃設計, 可以一目了然地看到裡面存放的物品,  配合我們的多功能掛桿使用, 便可輕鬆整齊地將調味料放到容易存取的地方, 非常方便。
  • Material: Plastic Lid / Glass Jar

  • 材質:塑膠瓶, 玻璃樽

  • Size: 4 (Dia.) x 13 (H) cm 

  • 尺寸:4 (Dia.) x 13 (H) cm 
  • Made in Taiwan

  • 產地: 台灣