S21 WALL SHELVES -WHITE 60cm S21武士壁板架

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    • Function: FECA's Rectangular shelf gives you full use of your counter space and surfaces. It allows for extra storage space for your cans, bottles, spices and more. A sleek, modern look, this shelving unit will hold up to 20 kgs with our powerful suction cup technology. Easy to move over and over where you need that extra space.
    • 功能:長方型亞力板置物架為您的香料,醬汁,罐子和瓶子等廚房物品提供額外的儲存空間。 透明的亞克力板,設計時尚具有現代的氣息。
    • Material: ABS Plastic Suction Cup 

    • 材質:ABS 塑膠座
    • Capacity: 20 Kgs

    • 荷重尺寸:20 Kgs
    • Size: 71 x 22 x 21 (H) cm

    • 尺寸:71 x 22 x 21 (H) cm
    • Made in Taiwan

    • 產地: 台灣