D22 SUCTION HOOK-M-White D22 魔法吸盤 M 白色

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  • Function: Capable of holding up to 4 kgs, this Large Multi-Purpose Hook can take on even the most overstuffed book bag, purse or backpack. This multi-purpose suction cup hook keeps any room organized and clutter off the floor. A handy tool for any place and available in a variety of vibrant colors. To use, just push, lock and start hanging.
  • 功能: D22 魔法吸盤掛鉤, 可以承受至4公斤重的書包,錢包或背包。用途廣泛, 備有多種鮮艷顏色, 適用於任何地方, 方便家具收納及保持整潔。使用方法: 將吸附面擦拭乾淨。吸盤向吸附面強力按壓2-3秒﹐使空氣掛出。將壓板扣緊至底部﹐確認完全吸附。
  • Material: ABS Plastic Suction Cup
  • 材質:ABS 塑膠座
  • Capacity: 4 Kgs
  • 荷重尺寸:4 Kgs
  • Size: 4.5 x 7 (H) cm
  • 尺寸:4.5 x 7 (H) cm
  • Made in Taiwan
  • 產地: 台灣