D18 7 NEST'S HOOKS 蜂巢掛架

D18 7 NEST'S HOOKS 蜂巢掛架

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D18 7 Nest's Hooks affords maximum tidiness in a minimum of space. Not just for coats, either. Tidies up ties, purses, scarves and bags as well. Securely holds up to 7 items totaling as much as 8 KGS with FECA's power suction mounting

D18 蜂巢7掛勾能夠為您在最小的空間內提供最大的收納度。無論外套﹑領帶﹑頸巾和手袋,都可輕鬆地整齊地掛上。 最多可以容納7件衣物,承重8KGS

  • Weight Capacity: 8KGS
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Made in Taiwan
  • For Nonporous Surfaces only. How to use? Show me