D22 SUCTION HOOK-M-Black D22 魔法吸盤 M 黑色

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D22 multi-purpose hook is designed to keep life's essentials off of the floor. Capable of holding up to 4KG, this suction cup hook is perfect for hanging a variety of items including coats, purses and bags. Also easy transport in bags and purse to take with you to other places that needs an extra helping hand (i.e. gym, hotel, school, office and etc).  Available in several color and size options. Just push and lock into place.

D22 多用途掛鉤能夠承受高達4公斤的承重量,可以將日常必需品掛起來,保持地面整潔。產品設計輕巧,方便攜帶。可帶到其他地方提供額外幫助(即健身房,酒店,學校,辦公室等)有多種顏色和尺寸可供選擇。 只需推入並鎖定到位。

  • Weight Capacity: 4KGS
  • Material: ABS
  • Color:  BLACK
  • Made in Taiwan
  • For Nonporous Surfaces only. How to use? Show me