Organizing your space has never been easier. If you think we’re bluffing, watch this video and see for yourself. For more info, please visit the How to use page.

點樣用? How to USE 

Learn about how to install your FECA products with these simple steps. If you want to learn how to remove your products, see below Video.


Suction Cup|suhk-shuh n kuhp|魔法吸盤

An object using negative pressure of air or water to adhere to nonporous surfaces and in the process creates a partial vacuum.



Clean the contact surface before attaching the suction cup and make sure the rubber pad is clean is dust free.



Firmly press the suction cup to the contact surface 2-3 sec. to remove the air underneath.



Pushing down the lock while pressing on the suction cup. Always confirm the suction cup attached well. (It is suggested to clean the attached surfaces and reset the suction cups every 2-3 months for more durable use.)

按下吸盤的同時向下推鎖。務必確認吸盤連接正確。 (建議每2-3個月清潔一次附著的表面並重新設置吸盤,以更持久地使用。)

用喺邊? Types of Surfaces

Using our patented technology to create the most powerful, industrial strength vacuum seal, FECA products will hold tightly on non-porous surfaces. See what materials you can use these products on. Every manufacture is different, so test before use.


Love & Care

A little love and care will go a long way.

  • Reapplying the suction cups every 3 months to secure the suction power.
  • Use clean water or non-toxic cleaner to clean the rubber pad on suction cup before use each time. Make sure no lint or debris remains on surface by using a masking tape or regular scotch tape to remove any remaining.
  • Release the lock to keep rubber pad flat when not attaching to surfaces.
  • Store suction cup in cool, dry place when not in use.
  •  每隔3個月重新安裝吸盤以確保吸力
  • 每次使用前,請使用清水或無毒清潔劑清潔吸盤上的橡膠墊
  • 使用膠帶或普通透明膠帶清除所有殘留物,以確保表面沒有殘留棉絨或碎屑
  • 不連接表面時,鬆開鎖以使橡膠墊平整
  • 不使用時,請將吸盤存放在陰涼乾燥的地方 

Do and Don’t


Keep rubber pad and adhering surface clean before applying. Always confirm the suction cup is firmly attached. Follow the product's installation instruction. Enjoy your FECA products. Remember the Love & Care instruction above. 



Do not overload. Do not use to hold dangerous, valuable, fragile, antiques/heirlooms, or non-replaceable items. Do not attach the suction cup to the surface which is smaller than the rubber pad, uneven, rough and porous surface. Do not hang items over heads or beds. Do not use if rubber pad is cracked or shows any visible damage.